Meet the Staff of Hertz Car Sales

Mark Smith - General Manager

479-783-1722 -

Mark has been with Hertz since 1976. "I thank all of my loyal customers over the years for their business." -Mark

Caleb DeWitt - Sales

479-783-1722 -

Caleb started with Hertz Car Sales back in 2005. "I really appreciate all of my great customers over the years. I hope I can continue to provide them satisfactory service." -Caleb

Lonnie Carr - Shop technician

479-783-1722 -

Lonnie Carr is our shop technician in charge of taking care of all the cars we sell, and he does a fantastic job. He loves making sure our cars are well-maintained, great-looking and in top shape. 

Ahna Fryhover - Social Media and Online Marketing Coordinator

479-783-1722 -

"I love engaging with our customers online and offering quality content to help them get the best from their car purchase, before and after the sale." 

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